After what seems like months of making masks, zip pouches for said masks and endless advent calendar pockets, I finally got back into 'proper' bag making with the chance to test Sincerely Jen's brand new backpack pattern. Say hello to "Fun Bobby"!  

Fun Bobby Backpack Sincerely Jen Patterns Cloud 9 matte laminates

In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have delved in straight away with a potentially tricky fabric like laminated cotton, but I knew that the Cloud 9 matte laminates are so much easier to sew than the glossy variety from other manufacturers which is renowned for sticking and dragging as you sew. Also, having tested several patterns for Jenny already, I knew that the end result would turn out pretty perfect whichever fabric I chose, so I went for this striking "Golden Poppy" design by Jessica Nielsen, available from the Fabrics section of my Shop. Armed with a sharp new size 14 needle and Teflon foot, I set to work!  

The Fun Bobby backpack is a big boy, with pockets aplenty and a cavernous interior - he'd be perfect for a student or for someone with a long commute, and would make an excellent baby/toddler changing bag. Let me show you around!

A secret vertical zipped pocket on the back for keeping valuables close to you like phone or travel documents. 

Fun Bobby Backpack Sincerely Jen Patterns Golden Poppy matte laminate Cloud 9

Two deep and roomy side pockets which will hold the biggest water bottles you have in the house! 

Fun Bobby wipe clean zip top backpack pattern Sincerely Jen

The front zipped pocket is nicely padded giving it a defined top edge. There is another wide zipped pocket inside.

Sincerely Jen Fun Bobby Backpack Sew Sofia pattern test Cloud 9 matte laminates

A further two slip pockets opposite, and look how big it is!  You could pack in loads! 

Fun Bobby Backpack no drop in lining zip top sewing pattern Sincerely Jen

My first double zipper topping ever! I am SEW proud of this bit, really adds a professional finish and was a cinch with zipper tape. 

Double zip top no drop in lining backpack sewing pattern Sincerely Jen

As with all Jenny's patterns, this one is full of clever construction methods for a professional looking result and you don't need a fancy industrial sewing machine to achieve it either, all sewn on my basic Singer Heavy Duty 4432. It ticks all the boxes for the ultimate backpack and the best bit for bag drop-in lining of binding on the seams ... both common and often cumbersome features in other zip top backpack patterns. 

Are you up for the challenge of making a brand new beautiful backpack? You can grab the pattern here and also join Jenny's Facebook group for further bag makes, tips, occasional giveaways and pattern discounts! 

Fun Bobby Backpack Sincerely Jen Patterns Cloud 9 matte laminates Golden Poppies

As for this Fun Bobby, he ain't for sale! But I know just the person who will love to road test him!