Sew Red Hot!

Sew Red Hot!

If you've been following me on Social Media, you may already know that I recently became a Brand Rep for Sew Hot, one of my absolute favourite shops for fabrics and bagmaking supplies! Over the next 12 months, I will receive up to 4 mystery bundles from them and in return, I get to create whatever bags I like and show them off! My first bundle arrived early September and here is what I got to play with!

Sew Hot Sallie Tomato Cheery Blossom Emmaline Rex faux leather

I love red, have always wondered whether I should try a bit of red faux leather but always stopped myself from buying case I couldn't pull it off! So you can imagine my glee yet feeling of being slightly overwhelmed by this very red bundle!


For my first project, I settled on the Sandhill Sling Pattern from Noodlehead. I bought a few extra bits of hardware and red cotton webbing from a vast selection at Sew Hot

Noodlehead Sandhill Sling in Cheery Blossom and Faux Red Leather

I initially used a Teflon foot on the faux Rex red leather, but it's so smooth and easy to sew that a standard foot will work just as well. I also used a Microtex needle to prevent the faux leather from tearing.

Here I'm using a standard presser foot to topstitch the faux leather, which has grip but still glides over the fabric.

Faux Rex Leather Sew Hot Janome Atelier 6

All the pieces prepared, my Cheery Blossom Sandhill Sling is ready to assemble!

Presenting...the Cherries Sandhill Sling! I absolutely love how this turned out - the tomato red faux leather is a perfect match with the "Cheery Blossom" cherries print and the burgundy zipper tape adds a nice contrast. 

Red faux leather cherry blossom Sandhill Sling Noodlehead

I almost made that shoulder piece in the faux red leather too, but decided the cherries would break up the two reds from the webbing and the faux leather.

Sallie Tomato zipper by the yard

And even more luscious cherries on the inside!

Cheery Blossom Apple Robert Kaufman


For my second bag make, I chose the Ferris Fanny Pack pattern from Sallie Tomato. With more in-person craft fairs coming up, I thought it would be a neat idea to make a waist bag pattern and I settled on the medium (mama bear) size as I want it to be big enough to fit my card reader. 

Ferris Fanny Pack Sallie Tomato

Already looking so cute...I'm adding the side panels to this Ferris Fanny's the front, swipe right for the super cute lining. The pattern calls for fusible fleece only but I wanted a little bit more padding, so trimmed down the fleece seam allowance and added another layer of woven cotton interfacing on top. 

Ferris Fanny Pack waist bag hip bag pattern Sallie Tomato

And even more cherries for the inside!

And she's finished! Introducing the Cherries hip bag, isn't she cute?! 

Ferris Fanny Pack red medium Sallie Tomato

The medium Ferris is the perfect size for a card reader to take along to craft fairs.

With thanks to Sew Hot for taking me out of my comfort zone and choosing these amazing fabrics for me to work with! I'm looking forward to showcasing these beauties at my upcoming craft fairs! 

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